General Terms & Conditions


We kindly ask our passenger to read carefully terms and conditions for connections with compulsory reservations written below before proceeding with the ticket online emission.

To download the pdf of terms and conditions please click here


Here below please find listed some of the necessary information to travel on connections of Sadem company. This is a translation, for illustrative, yet incomplete purposes, of the Italian General Terms and Conditions for connections from Torino to St. Vincent, Cervinia, and Malpensa Airport.

The Italian version is present on our website for further information.

In case of complaints, the version in Italian will be the reference Terms & Conditions. Availability of seats offered from the operator is subjected to the maximum number of seats indicated on the log book.


We kindly request our Customers to be at the bus stop 10/15 minutes before the departure or passage (if in intermediate bus stops) of the bus.

Boarding or alighting outside authorized bus stops is strictly forbidden; in bus stops indicated as “request stop”, the Customer must indicate to the driver the intention to board /alight the bus. The indication should reach the driver in order to give him the time to stop in correspondence of authorized bus stops.


Timetable and tariffs can be modified with the Authority Oversight consent; a note will be affixed on main ticket offices of the line involved.

The company disclaims all responsibilities for missed connections with any other mean of transport, due to overdue or other events occurred during the run or for typos in timetables.

We remind our Customers that Sadem constantly updates its website and that correct timetables can be found there. In any case, Sadem neither assure arrival timetables, nor should be considered responsible for any damage or discomfort caused to the Customer for delays or transport interruption due to unexpected situations or circumstances beyond one’s control.

The duration of different paths are provided only as a guide and, however, is subject to weather conditions and to all other possible circumstances (i.e. traffic, road-blocks or road works, strikes etc.) happened during the transport service.

For Malpensa airport

Please check attentively that the arrival time is consistent with the requested time for the airport check-in. 


Customer travelling in a bus without a ticket or with irregular booking is liable to pay the whole ticket and a Penalty Fare foreseen by laws in force.

The company reserves to fulfil any legal act for travellers with altered, damaged, tampered with or false tickets. 


Customers should buy the ticket both online or at official authorized ticket offices. Ticket and reservation must be shown to the driver while boarding.

Tickets are personal and must be kept until the end of the travel, and handed over for inspection if asked to do so by the staff of the company or its agent.

The ticket can be used for a single travel, i.e. only for the transport indicated onto the same ticket. When you buy a ticket to travel on our lines, you accept these specific Terms & Conditions.

All tickets are VAT receipt and must therefore be kept, to allow possible inspection from tax scrutinize bodies. Such controls can be made onboard or on the neighbourhoods of bus stops.

Sadem is not responsible for the loss, steal or mislay of the ticket and is not responsible for the misuse by unauthorised people.

GROUP TICKETS: A group ticket binds all passengers listed on the ticket to the same reservation. CHANGES and CANCELLATION indications are to be applied to group tickets too; with this kind of ticket it is not permitted to operate changes for a single passenger.

For Str. Vincent and Cervinia

 The discounted return tariff is only applied when the ticket is bought online or at ticket shops. On board we only sell one way tickets.

 For Malpensa airpot

Reservation is compulsory and can be done up to 3 hours before the scheduled bus departure at tickets selling shops or on


The Customer is allowed to change day and/or run only one time per ticket, provided there are available seats on the bus. The ticket can be modified by departure time and not after.

It is not possible to change origin/destination.

We remind customers that only one change per ticket is allowed.

The modification can be asked by telephone at 039.0113000611 (Mon-Fri 8.00-20.00/Sat 8.00-13.00) or at authorised ticket Sadem selling shops (or Autostradale for Malpensa line only) or send an e-mail at

In case of online tickets, it is possible make changes through your Customers Area on

For Malpensa airport

In case of flight delays, and only for runs from the airports to Torino, the ticket can be changed once by 24h from the reserved run. 


The Customer is entitled to claim a ticket nullification up to 48 hours before the departure day, in this case the compensation will be reduced by 30% from the total price. If the nullification is done after, there is no refund. To be eligible to receive this compensation:

  1. Call promptly the telephone number +39 011/3000611 (Mon-Fri 8.00-20.00/Sat 8.00-13.00) or send an e-mail at  giving your data, day and time of departure, and reservation number (PNR). Indicate to the operator the intention to nullify your travel.
  2. Send the request together with original ticket and reservation to: Sadem SpA – via della Repubblica 14. 10095 Grugliasco (To).

The refund will be done with non transferable bank cheque. The ticket is not refundable in case of runs interrupted due to force majeure (E.g. offhand and unpredictable bus breakdown), for delays and damages to air conditioning/heating systems problems.

We remind passengers that the ticket cannot be refunded if bought less than 48 hours prior to bus departure day and time, and if it has already been changed once.


As the connections “Torino/St.Vincent”, “Torino/Cervinia” and “Torino/Malpensa airport” are not public transport lines, but services without contributions, free passages for Police Forces or people with disabilities are not provided.

Because of its peculiarity, the service does not foresee free or discounted tickets for Police Forces, people with disabilities or elderly people. Each passenger pays the entire ticket fare.


Each traveller, with ticket and reservation, can bring with him free of charge one child (no more that 1 mt tall), provided that the infant must be seated on the accompanying adult’s lap.


You may take a dog or a small animal with you provided that it does not causes nuisance or inconvenience to other passengers.

It should be muzzled and its lead be securely fastened as foreseen by laws in force. A fee of half the adult fare for journey is charged for each animal.

Animals travel under accompanying person’s responsibility; they must care the animal does not spoil or make filthy the bus. Animals are not allowed on seats in any circumstances.

Blind or deaf persons’ assistance dogs travel free of charge.


You may take small items of luggage with you in passenger accommodation without charge. You must not place luggage or other articles on seats required for passengers.

The luggage must be placed in the compartment above your head, therefore it must not be more that 10 kg.; in case it does not take place in these compartments, it must be placed in the luggage van beneath the bus.

Luggage and Articles conveyed must be clearly labelled with your name. Additional luggage or articles will be charged and accepted while the bus run is departing (according to boot availability).

The Company is not liable for theft, loss, tampering, or damage of luggage and articles transported unless the damage are attributable directly to the Company itself, in which case the compensation cannot exceed the limits foreseen by Italian laws 202/45 and 450/85.

The company does not convey dangerous goods, inflammable liquids, explosives and any other possible harmful material. The Customer is responsible for any damage its luggage can cause.

Following recent reports on luggage theft, we would like to warn passengers to pay utmost attention to personal luggage placed inside the luggage rack (at the terminus and at intermediate stops).

For Malpensa international airport

For max free luggage please refer to the table at the bottom of this page.

Each luggage exceeding these indications will be charged €9,00 and accepted on board according boot availability.

For Cervinia

For max free luggage please refer to the table at the bottom of this page. Each luggage exceeding these indications will be charged with 50% the ticket price of the owner.

Ski and snowboards travel for free (1 each person)

Your Maximum Free Luggage / Articles Allowance

1 luggage or 1 article whose dimensions (length+depth+width) 
are maximum 160 cm

1 hand luggage or 1 article whose dimensions (length+depth+width) 
are maximum 115 cms and 10kg maximum weight


Travelers must have the correct ticket to travel on buses.

They shall occupy just one seat and remain seated during the whole trip, until the bus has stopped. In case the seat is provided with seat belts, its use is compulsory.

The company is not liable for incidents occurred to travelers who do not follow these indications. We kindly ask passengers to behave appropriately, without spoiling, damaging or making filthy seats, bus or infrastructure, otherwise the person will have to refund damages. Smoking inside the bus is forbidden.


Left luggage and articles can be requested to our Lost & Found Office at the telephone number +39 011/3000611 open Monday-Friday 9.00-12.00 / 15.00-17.00 or you may use our format on

Sadem will make a reasonable effort to contact the owner; in any case, the property will be kept for the maximum time requested by laws in force. Items which are perishable may be disposed of earlier.


If you wish to make a suggestion or to make a claim for personal injury or any loss or damage to property, you may use our format on, or send a fax to +39 011/3098995 or contact our call center to +39 011/3000611 (Mon-Fri 8.00-20.00 / Sat 8.00-13.00).

Please indicate your personal data, explain in a clear way the event and add all accompanying documents.


In case of staff strike Sadem grants runs in the following ranges of time: from beginning of the service until 8.00 and from 12.00 to 15.00, according to the law 12/06/90 n.146.

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