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Adequate insurance, highly skilled staff, assistance and availability, immediate actions for bus replacements or integrations/supplements and the Certification of its Quality Assurance System according to UNI EN ISO 9001. Standard and the certification of its environmental system according to UNI EN ISO 14001 standard, are all features that make Sadem a highly prestigious Company in the field of passenger transport.

Sadem S.p.A. is a public transport company established in the 1940s.

Today Sadem is fully controlled by Arriva Italia s.r.l., in turn held by DB Bahn GmbH, a leading European company in the public transport sector, with a well established experience in rail and bus services.

Sadem S.p.A. provides Local Public Transport Services for the Province of Turin, the Agenzia per la mobilità Metropolitana (Agency for Metropolitan Mobility) and the Valle d'Aosta Region.

The company has developed significantly, strengthening itself and now becoming one of the leading companies in the field of public transport.

The Private Hire office also deals with providing services for hiring buses with drivers for the most important companies in Turin.

Its attitude of being active in the selective and competitive market of private hire, and the features of many bus lines used by attentive and demanding customers (airport lines, domestic and international highway lines) has led the Company to particularly focus on the quality of the services provided, aware of the fact that this element will increasingly represent the foundation to further consolidate its success and its market growth.


People's interest in environmental protection has constantly grown over time. Institutions have developed a strong focus on the environmental impact linked to mobility. Industry regulations and constraints included in tenders

of public transport services have led companies towards a higher environmental compatibility. Companies in the transportation industry have new needs: 

-  Getting to know the environmental issues connected with their operations; 

-  Managing their operations in a controlled way, with a view to pollution prevention; 

-  Measuring their environmental performances and committing themselves to their improvement. 

Based on these notions, in 2002 the SADEM and SAPAV boards decided to develop and implement an environmental management system in line with the UNI EN ISO 14001 standard. This standard applies to any

organization that wants to implement, keep active and improve an environmental management system, ensuring compliance with its principles


The history of SADEM:

1941: SADEM S.p.A. was set up in Dalmatia and Montenegro, under the name of S.A.D.E.M., i.e. Società Autotrasporti della Dalmazia e Montenegro (Dalmatia and Montenegro Bus Transport Company).

1943/44: during the war, the Company was moved to Turin, in line with the needs of its shareholder, the FIAT group, which also included transporting the workers of its various plants, as well as its executives and directors.

1950: after the war, the Company reorganized and implemented some bus connections considered as necessary and urgent by public users: Turin/Milan, Turin/Valle d'Aosta, Turin/Tuscany, Turin/Rome.

Meanwhile, the Company changed its original name and took that of SADEM – Società Autotrasporti Dell'Europa Meridionale (Southern Europe Transport Company).

1959: SADEM developed the tourist industry through its private hire operations and regular bus lines and connected more than seventy Italian and European towns.

1985: SADEM and SAVDA were acquired by a group of businesspeople, which includes the current president of SADEM S.p.A., Nicola Proto, father of current Managing Director of SADEM S.p.A., Giuseppe Proto.

1991: SADEM  S.p.A. purchased SAPAV  S.p.A., in turn controlled by SAVDA S.p.A. of Aosta, both sold a few years ago by FIAT.

2005: SADEM S.p.A. joined the SAB Group, controlled by ARRIVA plc (UK), a leading European organization in the private passenger transport industry. 

2010: SADEM incorporated Sapav SpA that is active in the Pinerolo area and already belonged to the group.

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